Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance Trade:

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Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance

 1 Year


Passed Matriculation






Nature and Scope of Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance:

The Trade qualifies a candidate to work as a middle level computer professional. Concepts of both Hardware and Software are given in the training.

Computer Hardware is the Combination of Physical Components or Parts That Makes the Computer System. Physical Components include monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard disk drive, Graphic card, RAM, Motherboard, etc.

Networking is the Field of Computer Science that allows computers to exchange data or information. Data can be exchanged either using cable guided or unguided media.

After the completion of Said Course, the trainees can work in reputed companies as

v  System Administrator

v  Network Administrator

v  Network Engineer

v  Technical Support

v  IT Technician

v  Field Service Technicians


About the Faculty/ Trainer

 Raja Aamir  

M.Tech  ECE

            X-Assistant Professor [UGC Chandigarh]

Ø   Best Research Scholar-2016 (International Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering)

Ø   Best Author-2017 (International Journal of computer Science & Information Technology) created       Software   online management system based on visual basics and SQL.

Ø   Designed Electrical circuit controlled by remotely on Global system of Mobile.

Ø   Thesis Research on Performance Analysis of GREEN with Other Active Queue Management Technique in MANETs.


Fee Detail:

F Free Seats :  Rs. 500 

F Payment Seat : Rs. 5000

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