S.No Designation  Name
1 Supervisor Mr.Mohd Abdullah Akhoon
2 Electrician Instructor Mr. Mubashir Ahmad 
3 Mechanic  Electronics Instructor Post Vacant
4 Stenography and Secretarial Assistant Instructor

Mr. Riyaz Ahmad (Guest Faculty)

Ms. Shabnam Jehangir(Guest Faculty)

5 Sewing Technology Instructor Mrs. Razia Mustafa
6 Welder Instructor Post Vacant 
7 Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioner) Instructor Mr. Waseem Raja
8 Computer Operator & Programming Assistant Instructor Mrs. Syma Nazir
9 Data Entry Instructor Mrs. Masroora Qadir
10 Software Applications Instructor Mr. Ovais Mohiuddin
11 Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance instructor Mr. Raja Aamir Rashid
12 Desktop Publishing Instructor Ms. Shabnam Bashir
13 Sanitary Harware Instructor Mr. Aamir Imtiyaz
14 Drawing Instructor Mr. Arshid Bashir
15 Workshop Calculations Instructor Mr. Mohd. Shaban
 16. Employability Skills Instructor

Mr. Pervaise Ahmad Bhat


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