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Plumber Trade:

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01 Year


Passed Matriculation






Nature and Scope of Sanitary Hardware Fitter:

In the developed world, Plumbing infrastructure is of critical importance to public health and sanitation. Sanitary Hardware Fitter is a vocational trade, the duration of which is six months and one semester. Trade course mainly concentrates on Plumbing and its wide range of applications. Pipes, Valves, Plumbing fixtures, Tanks, Heating and cooling, waste removal and portable water delivery are the main topics studied during the course.

On completion of the course, the trained personnel will be able to acquire the knowledge of Sanitation equipment like Sanitary Hardware Tools used in Plumbing work and Plumbing Fixtures etc. The candidate is trained to be able to work as a domestic/commercial plumber. A wide range of job opportunities both in Govt. and private sector are available for a good plumber.


About the Faculty/ Trainer

 Mr. Altaf Hussain.


Fee Detail:

F Free Seats :  Rs. 400

Payment Seat : Rs. 5000



Practical study material of plumber trade

    F Click here to download…

     F Click here to download Engineering Drawing Notes….

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